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Mojo the Corolla at Mackenzie St x Grange Pl in the CBD is in the way of some essential road works this weekend. We are offering a 50% discount to the first person that books Mojo for the weekend! (Must be collected by midday tomorrow and returned after 9am Monday. Booking can be made via phone at no extra cost) Get in quick!Jan 29

What's the fine for missing Flexicar re:member manual I kinda missed place at the petrol station last night. Good news is I have printed the re:member manual & place it in the glovebox so that the next member won't get left in the dark.Jan 26

I love Flexicar! Car sharing is a great way to help the planet. In Berlin, the car sharing system allows you to pick up a car from one pod and drop it off at another. Its a great alternative to a taxi or public transport when you want an easy one-way trip. Has Flexicar in Melbourne considered pod-sharing?Jan 26

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