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Spring is bursting out all around us, Melbourne has greened-up nicely with the combination of sunshine and rain and Daylight Savings is almost upon us. Yep, Summer is coming. Be prepared to make the most of your Summer weekends and holidays with a Flexicar membership so you can drive to the beach, to your mates’ place or down to your parents’ holiday house (if you should be so lucky!) Join Flexicar in October and we’ll halve the annual membership fee to just $35 for your first year. And we’ll also give you back your $35 as driving credit to use in October. Just join Flexicar online ( and quote this promo code to get the Spring Special: GREEN1435Sep 30

Hello there - Any chance of some flexi-parking spots at the airport? to park our cars in while we say farewell to loved ones?Sep 29

Our BMW's have had a busy old time over the last week or so. Bach is at Bourke Street x Russell Street and Beethoven is at Exhibition Street x La Trobe. Make your weekend trip in style!Sep 19

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