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Hey Flexicar team, I've had a pretty average user experience tonight whilst trying to book a car in the CBD. Unfortunately the car we normally access was unavailable due to technical maintenance so I had to navigate around your website to set another car for booking. I'm doing this on my Android phone, so it might be a different experience for iPhone users, but it was excruciatingly difficult trying to select a new car location! Your website is not Android compatable so I searched for an app to make my booking quicker in the future but discovered you don't have one :( Next I tried calling your 1300 number but discovered you dont take bookings via the phone at 8pm. In the end I had to pull out the trusty laptop to make the booking which isn't ideal for people on the go or in a hurry. Just some feedback from a frequent and generally happy Flexicar user!May 25

Hi Flexicar - i have some feedback - it's a great idea but too expensive. Tonight I wanted to go to northcote for 2 hours. That means round trip from st kilda 3 hours. $50 for the car. Too much I think. It it were $30 I would have booked it.May 20

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