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Want to drive but don’t want to buy a car? Love living where you can tram to work but hate carrying your supermarket shopping home? Enjoy your bike on weekends but draw the line at riding in the rain? Melbourne is home for Flexicar so we get what is great about living here… just like we understand the attraction of weekends away down the coast, up to the ski-fields or just around town dropping in on cafes and cool shops. When you’re a Flexicar member you can drive what you want, when you want. And unlike buying a car, you’ll only pay for driving you do: not for your car-loan, insurance premiums, servicing bills, weekly petrol bills and all the other expensive overheads of owning a car. You just book a car when you want and pay for the hours (or days) you drive! Flexicar rates are all-inclusive: that means petrol, damage-cover, on-road costs, cleaning and even unlimited kms with all hourly bookings. Rates for our economy hatchbacks start from $8.95hr with credit pre-purchase and on our casual, commitment-free, Intro plan you can drive a new Swift, Yaris or Accent from just $13.50hr. Join Flexicar now and we’ll waive the first year of your membership (normally $70) and include a bonus hour of free driving. Just quote the promo code MELBRED20 when you complete your online application 21

We're at the Swinburne Uni Green Travel event today in Hawthorn, come say 'hi' and if you're not already a Flexicar member... You can join for free! If you are already a Fleximember, you can have $30 driving credit just for visiting :-)Apr 16

There's ANOTHER new type of Flexicar in the fleet from this month... we welcomed three Mitsubishi Outlanders, big comfy SUVs and put them into park before Easter: Chappie is in Brunswick, 9-11 Union St Hiro is in South Melbourne, Glover x Pickles Yolande is at Auburn Station, in Hawthorn For more info on the new Outlanders... 08

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