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Hi, your new system messed up my booking and wouldn't let me change the date on my phone so now it's booked for 2 days and your contact centre said there's nothing they can do. Surely you can refund me for your system failure??Feb 23

We've got some good news for members who have been asking about the option to filter by vehicle type on our new website. The filter currently works outside of the booking platform, but you can use it to select the type of Flexicar you need (ie, van or SUV) and it will show you the location of these through Melbourne so that you can find it easily when you book. This works best on desktop, but if you're on mobile please note that you'll just have to zoom in to check the location of the car rather than click for the exact address (we're fixing that!). Happy driving!Feb 20

FLASH SALE!!!! Remember we've got a bunch of pods on sale to move them out of the way for White Night this weekend. The below Flexicars need to be moved from Saturday before 3pm to Sunday afternoon. Give us a call if you need an excuse to take a car out and about this weekend to avoid the crowds - we'll give you 30% off your booking! - Parkes – CBD Bourke x Elizabeth Streets - Totoro – CBD Russell x La Trobe Street - Omar – CBD 162 Collins Street - Cook and Fisher – CBD 172-192 Flinders Street - Deakin, Zanzibar and Fizgig – CBD QV Call the Member Care Team on 1300 36 37 80 and they'll sort your booking out for you. If you've already got a Flexicar or you're planning on being in the city this Saturday, make sure you check out the road closure details for White Night and drive safely - their website has all the information. 17

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