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Hi Flexicar, trying to get used to the new upgrade. Please can you update your FAQ to tell me how do I filter my search by economy cars only? and of that filter, will it still show me the time blocks that cars are currently booked out for? I can't seem to find that screen anymore either. Does this new upgrade include the only upgrade that matters i.e the flexibility to book a car and if you finish your booking hours earlier, you can close off that booking and only be charged for time used and the car is immediately available for use by other drivers? Also, where did the BMW's go? I can't seem to find them. Cheers - Loyal flexicar userJan 11

How do I search for a specific car type with the new booking engine - I need to hire a van and can't seem to work out how to find them?Dec 06

Anybody else having troubling making a booking using Safari?Nov 24

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