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We've added another park just in time for the weekend. This 2014 Nissan XTrail named "Odin" is located in Fitzroy North - Church St X Nicholson St. Happy Friday people!Nov 21

Melbourne Girl continues her adventures around Melbourne with her Flexicar - check out where she went this time. 21

I am aware that these are "prestige" cars, but still I am curious why this would be an issue at all, there is no reason as to why there would be any difference than any other cars in your fleet. I have just noticed there is a new BMW right around the corner from my house and it would be extremely convenient, but I am unable to book it. It's a shame you can't work this out soon, as other car share brands, including your hertz parter have no similar issues at all. Now that there is one so close it's incredibly frustrating. Please try and resolve this, as I know of many other car share users and potential users that would love this fixed! Thanks.Nov 20

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