Always wanted to drive a new car?
Or a different car each week?
With Flexicar you can!
Join Flexicar and you can drive all our cars.
Whenever you like.

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How Flexicar works!

Why car share?

Carsharing is a cost-effective, clever and simple alternative to owning or renting a vehicle. When you join Flexicar you’ll become part of a worldwide carsharing movement. Carsharing is particularly successful in Europe where it has helped thousands of people, just like you, save valuable time and money.

As a Flexicar carsharer, you will form part of a close-knit community of smart, like-minded Australians who are putting the planet first. You’ll reduce your impact on our environment and save hundreds of dollars in return.

If we don’t have a Flexicar near you just yet, please email us to let us know where we should be placing our next Flexicars.