Covid-19 Update for Flexicar Members

Flexicar is dedicated at all times to ensuring the best service and well-maintained, clean vehicles for our members.

Given the fast-evolving COVID-19 situation in Australia, we want to update you on the additional steps we are taking to keep our vehicles clean and so you can be confident about your use of Flexicar.

Flexicar has access to the most up-to-date and authoritative information on responding to Covid-19 and is committed to minimising the risk of infection to our employees and customers.

Our vehicles are cleaned regularly, and we have put in place extra steps in our cleaning service for the protection of our customers and our staff.

In addition to our standard cleaning service, we are disinfecting the following hard surfaces:

  1. Door handles (inside and out)

  2. Steering wheel

  3. Key area

  4. Handbrake

  5. Seat belt fittings/clips

  6. Entire console area

Any hard surface areas previously cleaned will now be cleaned with disinfectant.

Maintenance teams have been trained in the new procedures and have also been instructed to sanitise and wash their hands before and after each service of our vehicles.

However, it is equally as important that our members follow official advice on personal hygiene, measures to protect yourself, and what to do if you are concerned about exposure to the virus.

Please follow these tips to help keep yourself and other Flexicar members safe when using Flexicar:

  • Wash your hands. Before and after your Flexicar trip, always wash or sanitise your hands.

  • Take all your belongings and rubbish with you. At the end of your trip, please ensure you check the vehicle and remember to take all your belongings and rubbish with you, including face coverings/masks and gloves, and ensure you dispose of it properly.

Australian Government guidelines on these measures, and the latest updates on the virus, are available on the Australian Government, Department of Health website. Please click here.

Please ensure that you check and follow your state government’s Covid-19 guidelines and any restrictions currently in place.

Please ensure that you check and follow your state government’s Covid-19 guidelines and any restrictions currently in place.

It is important that we keep our Flexicar community safe. If you are feeling unwell or are displaying any symptoms of the virus, please do not book a Flexicar vehicle. In addition, do not book a vehicle if you are a close contact of a confirmed case, or have been directed to isolate for any other reason.

We also ask that you do not use Flexicar to visit a COVID-19 testing facility. If you require a test and need further information on how to get to a testing clinic, please visit your state or territory government’s website for advice.

If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 and recently used a Flexicar vehicle or have recently used a Flexicar to visit a Covid-19 testing facility, please contact us ASAP.

Flexicar remains confident in the cleanliness of our vehicles and believes they provide a safe travel option in the current circumstances. We will continue to monitor the developing status of COVID-19 and will take all additional steps necessary to protect our members and our employees.

We appreciate your continuing support and are happy to respond to any concerns or questions you have. You can contact us at or on 1300 363 780.

Thank you for being a Flexicar member.