Your Flexi Personal Plan

Flexi Sometimes

Perfect for a first time car sharer wanting to give it a try, a commitment-phobe or if you're just unsure how often you'll drive.

Flexi Often

Ideal for those in need of a second car during the week on a regular basis for errands or picking up the kids.

Annual membership fee

$49 a year returned in driving credit to your account

No annual fee charged




Minimum cost

No monthly minimum costs

$79 pre-paid driving credit a month (unused pre-paid credit will roll over for one month)

Hourly cost

From $12.00 an hour* (unlimited kms)

From $11.00 an hour* (unlimited kms)

Daily cost

From $95.00 a day* (includes 100 kms. $0.40/km thereafter)

From $80.00 a day* (includes 125 kms. $0.40/km thereafter)

Loss Damage Liability

$3000 for standard vehicles / $4000 for Prestige and Commercial vehicles

Maximum Damage Waiver

Option to reduce liability for passenger vehicles to $0. Only available for members over 25. Please refer to T&Cs

Loss Damage Waiver

Option to reduce liability for passenger vehicles to $1000 for passenger vehicles and $2000 for Commercial vehicles. Only available for members under 25. Please refer to T&Cs.

The fine print

  • *Hourly and daily rates quoted are based on economy cars like the Suzuki Swift

  • Tolls are not included in the rates. There is 0.20c admin fee for processing of each toll.


  • Reduce excess to $0 with Optional Reduced Damage Excess Cover for $3.50/ hour or $25/day on standard vehicles.

  • Damage cover excess for drivers aged under 25 is $3000. Excess can be reduced on standard vehicles to $1000 for $3.50/hour or $25/day.

  • Damage cover excess on Commercial and Prestige vehicles is $4000. There is no excess reduction available on Commercial or Prestige vehicles.

For full terms and conditions please click here.